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In the new school year ProEd will separate its classes into smaller compensate grades. Our new structure will follow the same curriculum we currently deliver. For example Oxford British Curriculum from the United Kingdom, ASDAN and The International Youth Award. Our students will receive their accreditations through EdExcel, ASDAN and The International Youth Award.

The formal accreditations from the accrediting bodies our students receive are:

Edexcel International Primary Curriculum Exam (Completion of Primary School recognition)

High School
A Levels
Or independent course through the distance education group

Certificate of Personal Effectiveness
Bronze Award
ASDAN Short Course
Towards Independence Course
Employability Award

Our students in ProEd Plus work on building a range of academic and life skills. Our teachers and specialists work with each child on an individual level differentiating their work for any individual needs. Our students may need support, and or extension. Our vision is to know each child on an individual level academically, socially, physically and emotionally to tailor an education that is unique for them.

We are an inclusive non formal school setting, that provides differentiated curriculum based on the individuals goals and pathway plan our team creates.

Within our school community we welcome a range of diverse learners and provide extensive curriculum options for students with learning differences. We have an in house specialist team to further support all our students. A Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Counsellor, Pastoral Care Co-ordinator and Curriculum Co-ordinator, Literacy and Numeracy private tutors are also apart of our teaching team to develop a school culture that ensure each child is reaching their potential and developing the personal and social skills required for their future.

All our curriculum is based on the British Curriculum and our students receive International accreditations.

ProEducation is a non formal school setting and we do not provide the Indonesian National Curriculum in our school’s curriculum. At ProEducation Plus, both internationally and locally trained teachers take a learner-centered approach and work cohesively to develop Individual Education Plans and Behaviour Management Plans for all students. Learning takes place in a structured and safe atmosphere and our multidisciplinary specialists work alongside students & teachers to plan, implement & achieve long-term academic, personal & social goals.

The school operates from 8:30am- 2:15pm with an optional homework club after school that runs until 3pm. Students do wear a school uniform and are expected to dress appropriately and act and perform in accordance and demonstrate our school values.

Visit the school campus to find out more about our school community.

ProEducation Plus Program

ProEducation Plus Junior is a specialized Program for Primary School aged children with additional academic, personal, social, emotional or physical learning needs.

The Towards Independence Junior Program provides a highly targeted educational framework for those students with special needs and those with profound multiple learning differences.

Youth Plus presents a range of opportunities for students to select and create a program based on interests and their strengths. With the timetable built around Key Core subjects and Elective subjects, students have the ability to study a program designed for their individual needs.

Toward Independence provides a framework of activities through which personal, social and independence skills can be developed and accredited for those with more challenging learning difficulties and profound multiple learning differences.

ProEd Plus hosts students studying Distance Education or Online Learning with a range of reputable international online schools and colleges offering high school certificates and further education options.

Why ProEducation Plus?

At ProEducation Plus students have access to a range of Specialist Services. The benefit of these service is to make sure that our students receive further support in school time. Our school community benefits from access to these services and our teachers have further awareness and understanding of Learning Differences and Differentiating Curriculum. Intervention and action plans can be made to target the individual needs of each student. ProEducation Plus has a strong team of multi-disciplinary professionals to assist our diverse student needs.



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