Proed Policies

General Policies
Please download the student enrollment PDFs to read more on our student policies.

  1. The ProEd attendance policy states that if you do not notify the center of your cancellation by 9am on the day of your child’s lesson, ProEd will charge the client for the lesson.
  2. Significant preparation goes into each appointment and it is only fair to give the teacher notification of cancellation. 
  3. If the client wishes to reschedule the appointment they will not be charged for their session. The rescheduled appointment has to be within the same week, however we cannot always guarantee availability to reschedule a students lesson.
  4. Customers of ProEd also agree and understand that if for some reason the teacher is running behind schedule they will make the time up and the student waiting may therefore run overtime as a result.
  5. Students on our waiting list are required to pay a waiting list fee of 1.500.000rp which comes off the first invoice.
  6. Students traveling independently must have written consent from parents and or call the centre to notify them of any last minute changes.
  7. Students must wear a motorbike helmet if traveling to and from ProEd on a motorbike.