Specialist Services

At ProEducation students have access to a range of Specialist Services. The benefit of these service is to make sure that our students receive further support and intervention.

  • Counseling
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

why our teachers have an edge ?

At ProEducation, our educators focus on developing the whole child and the individual learning needs of that child. Highly trained and experienced in differentiating curriculum, our teachers work alongside our Education Specialists to ensure that each child’s specific needs are addressed. Our teachers incorporate current practice teaching and learning approaches as informed by our Education Specialist Team in order to continuously improve their teaching practice. ProEducation bridges the gap between therapy sessions and the classroom setting to ensure a holistic approach is taken when working on a learning goal. A diverse group of internationally and locally trained teachers, with experience in a wide range of education settings, equips our team with the skills necessary to teach all students.

ProEducation teachers attend professional development seminars on a regular basis and are always advancing and discovering new ways to teach your child on an individual level. Our teachers are trained in specialist areas and this ensures we have more than just a classroom teacher; we have experts in a chosen field.