Primary Curriculum 5yrs-12yrs

Towards Independence Junior

The Towards Independence Junior Program provides a highly targeted educational framework for those students with special needs and those with profound multiple learning differences. The classroom is comprised of a small group of students (maximum of 8 per class) and multiple teachers (from 2 to 4 at any one time) to ensure a high teacher-student ratio. In offering this, ProEducation can guarantee your child’s individual learning needs are being addressed.

Towards Independence Junior has been designed to encourage young learners to reach their full potential through one-on-one support with traditional Oxford academic subjects of Literacy and Numeracy. Students studying in the Toward Independence Junior Program also work together, in a larger group setting, with those studying in the Plus Junior Program, for a variety of traditional learning subjects. These include Sport and Fitness, Science and Humanities. However, Towards Independence Junior students will continue to receive one-on-one Specialist support and more individualised Teaching support where deemed necessary.

Towards Independence Junior also undertake the contemporary ASDAN academic subjects of Stepping Stones and New Horizons, which focus on the development of essential life skills and social skills. The addition of larger group activities and peer learning promotes the development of the whole child, ensuring all students feel equally valued and are given the best chance to develop a range of key outcomes, based on the ASDAN framework for young learners. These include active learning, play and exploration, creativity, and critical thinking. The team of Specialists and Therapy offered, including Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Counseling is also provided to students throughout the school day and in a one-on-one setting.