Senior Years Curriculum 15yrs +

Distance Education

This is the most advanced level of study in the ProEducation Plus Program. Distance Education students study in an Online Learning Arena with a range of reputable International Schools and Colleges offering High School Certificates and Higher Education options. Each student can incorporate Short Courses from ASDAN or other preferences into their timetable. The key focus for Level 3 is supporting students who will be going into employment and/or Higher Education in the near future.

This form of Education benefits students as their desired life pathways are investigated and overall studies are managed by designated ProEducation Plus Teachers who work with the student to provide necessary support, timetable and goal setting assistance, daily communication and act as the point of call for the external online centers.

A Distance students’ timetable is integrated into the overall ProEducation Youth Plus Program so as to ensure they are participating in other activities, such as Sport and Fitness, Training and Therapy Support (Counseling, Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy). Distance Education students are encouraged to register for the International Youth Award and have the option to undertake additional ASDAN Elective subjects to develop personal interests and abilities. Many Distance Education Students study the IGCSE and A-Levels provided by ProEducation Plus.