Senior Years Curriculum 15yrs +


Students have the opportunity to study a range of electives. Towards Independence, Youth Plus and Distance Education have access to these electives:

ASDAN Short Course Elective Studies

ProEd Plus students are encouraged to take Elective subjects as part of their timetable of study. Elective subjects give the students the opportunity to choose their own area of focus from a wide range of over 30 subjects provided by ASDAN. Elective studies are integrated into student’s personalised timetables each week and weighted according to the degree of focus the student will have between their Elective, Core and other subjects, which will be agreed in conjunction with the student and their family. Students have the option to change their Elective subject each term, to try something new or interesting, or continue to study indepth over the year. Certificates of achievement are awarded by ASDAN in every Elective subject, based on the challenges successfully completed. All work is accessed and submitted online through the ASDAN learning portal and students receive their own personalized login details. Usually Elective students will study their chosen subjects in small tutorial groups or in one-to-one sessions with ProEd Plus tutors. Examples of Elective Courses

  • Languages
  • Animal Care
  • Sport and Fitness
  • Environment
  • Careers and Experiencing
  • Foodwise
  • Adventure and Residential
  • Expressive Arts
  • Personal Finance
  • Volunteering
  • Computing

IGCSE English/ Math Workshop

ProEd Plus is an approved Edexcel centre which means it can host international Oxford GCSE and A-Level examinations. The IGCSE is the British equivalent of the Australian High School Leavers Certificate, or International Baccalaureate. Attaining IGCSE and subsequent A-Levels means students are College, University or Work ready. ProEd Plus is aligned with the Oxford suite of examinations as these represent the more accessible route for students enrolled with the service. ProEd Plus offers IGCSE tutoring and examinations for students, from Level 2B onwards. (See ProEd Plus Handbook). Students at Level 2A are eligible to undertake mock examinations to determine their entry to an advanced level of study at Level 2B. Undertaking an IGCSE course of study is at least a year – long commitment, and the subjects can be taken alongside student\’s other study options, such as ASDAN CoPE or other distance studies. Usually students choose between 5 and 11 subjects in total to study, especially if they wish to progress to higher education. Otherwise English and Maths are seen as the Core competencies at entry level work positions. ProEd Plus offers core IGCSE tutoring in Maths and English from Level 2B, if students wish to take other subjects they can be registered with Oxford Open Learning (OOL), which provides distance tutors in an online learning portal for a range of other subjects, such as Business Studies, Geography, Modern Languages, Science and so on. Students undertaking extra online subjects can do so at Level 3A onwards. Students who have completed IGCSE certification can then go on to study A-Levels at Level 3B, an advanced course of study, which is a precursor to University study. A-Levels provide students with credits toward University entry and students usually take between three and five subjects over 1 – 2 years. The A-Levels are completed with Oxford Open Learning tutors and resources, as well as tutorial support from ProEd Plus tutors. ProEd Plus is developing a range of resources to support IGCSE study and tutoring, including Pearson publications and Cambridge IGCSE publications, as well as online study resources to ensure students are well prepared for the academic study ahead. IGCSE subjects (examples):

  • Mathematics – Taught at ProEd Plus
  • English Language – Taught at ProEd Plus
  • Sciences – Online tutoring through OOL
  • Geography – Online tutoring through OOL
  • Business Studies – Online tutoring through OOL

Careers Workshop

ProEd Plus is certified to host Kudos careers software, which alongside a program of careers workshops, offers students the chance to explore the world of work and further education. The workshops along with the Kudos program help students to build up a portfolio of work-ready skills, create resumes and investigate career and study options. Each student will receive a personal Kudos account so that their own investigations can be continued outside the classroom.

The Duke of Edinburgh\’s International Youth Award

The IYA is the world\’s most prestigious youth award, recognised by education establishments and business worldwide. Many Universities, including in Australia and the UK, offer Credits for the Gold IYA Award. The International Award enables young people to learn practical and social skills that are valuable to their life and career development. The Award encourages young people to design their own programme of activities, set their own goals and challenge themselves to achieve their aims.

How do students complete the IYA programme?

Young people 14 – 24 years old achieve the International Youth Award through individual activities for an hour each week for a set period of time, in the areas of Service, Skills and Physical Recreation. The Award is flexible and students can choose what activities to complete and when, with ongoing coaching and mentoring from the ProEd Plus Trainer at weekly drop-in sessions. ProEd Plus also provides outreach support to students undertaking activities in the community, such as sports and volunteering. Students can join the scheme at 3 Award levels depending on their age: –

  • 14 : 16 yrs – Bronze / Silver Award (6 months / 12 months)
  • 16 + : Gold Award (18 months)

ProEd will organise a final residential trip* for participants to complete the IYA Award, staying away for at least two nights and completing an adventurous activity, such as hiking, camping or water sports. ProEd will also organise a final Awards Presentation Day for students and parents to learn about and recognise young people’s achievements.

*ProEd is an accredited Award Center and fully registered to deliver the International Youth Award to young people in Indonesia.


All students undertake Independent training with ProEd Plus. Independent training courses are based on student’s interests and aspirations and ProEd Plus tutors and trainers will work with students in the Skills Development sessions to assist in completing the training courses.  Each student should complete at least two courses per year.  Some training courses, such as the Cooking Certificate may require training outside the centre and in this case students will be supported by ProEd Plus to attend and achieve at their chosen courses.  Most courses are delivered by external and accredited agencies and many will be online.  Tutors will ensure students choose effective and reputable courses that match their interests and abilities. There will be opportunity for student GROUP training as well, such as First Aid, which may be undertaken prior to the IYA Team Residential.  Group training is planned for at least twice a year and all students should attend. Some examples of Independent Training courses:

  • Photography Course
  • Personal Fitness
  • Responsible Serving of Alcohol Certificate
  • Food Handlers Certificate
  • Creative Writing
  • Sustainable Development

Some examples of student group training:

  • First Aid
  • Cooking
  • Work Skills
  • Hospitality
  • Filmmaking & Editing

Training Certificates for completed courses will be added to students’ portfolios of achievement and recorded in their annual student report.

Sport & Fitness

Every week Sport and Fitness activities are timetabled for students and form a key part of the learning programme, which encourages students to develop new and active skills and manage their health and well-being. ProEd Plus Sport and Fitness sessions will take place in an organised group setting where all students will attend a sports/fitness centre and engage in a programme of team and individual activities, with leadership from professional trainers. These sessions are also designed to be fun, add a sense of ‘fair play’ and equality to student interaction, develop talents and fitness and allow students to challenge themselves in a positive way, with plenty of encouragement. The Sport and Fitness activities can be accompanied by study for the Sport & Fitness Short course Elective (ASDAN) in the regular academic timetable, as well as contributing to the Physical Recreation section of the International Youth Award, which will help direct student’s choice of personal physical activity. The ProEd Plus Attendance Policy gives direction to students unable to take part in timetabled sessions due to confirmed physical or emotional health reasons.