Middle Years Curriculum 12yrs – 15yrs

Youth Plus


In this programme students complete 3 Core subjects over the course of the academic year – Maths, English and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). The Core subjects are integrated into the timetable throughout each week. The achievement of the Maths, English and PSHE ASDAN Certificate is key to the students’ educational attainment with the programme and provides strong focus for academic learning.

Tutors delivering Maths, English and PSHE will use a range of international resources and course material from the Australian and British curriculum to help students achieve the internationally recognized ASDAN certificate.

Youth Plus presents a range of opportunities for students to select and create a program based on interests and their strengths. With the timetable built around Key Core subjects and Elective subjects, students have the ability to study a program designed for their individual needs. In Youth Plus students engage in a range of other extra curricular activities being Sport and Fitness and Vocational Training. Learn more about Youth Plus by DOWNLOADING our handbook for further information.

Students are encouraged to take ELECTIVE STUDIES  as part of their timetable together with the Core subjects. In addidtion to the Elective Studies, students have the options of studying the CoPe Award (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness) or Bronze Award from ASDAN. These qualifications are recognised internationally and are a Level 2 IGCSE equivalant.

As part of the Youth Plus program students complete one day a week focused on TRAINING and learning practical skills for employment. Students engage in a variety of courses to build their skills. In the past students have studied a Barista course, Housekeeping course, Food Handling Certificates and First Aid training courses. We use qualified and accredited centers in Bali to provide further skilled based training to our students. ProEd PLUS is committed to equipping students with the core knowledge and skills that learners not attending traditional school are at risk of missing out on. ProEd PLUS has a strong track history of delivering high quality core subject tutoring for the past three years and will continue to build on this valuable service.