ProEducation celebrates its sixth birthday in March 2017 and since establishing itself as a respected centre of academic training it has continued to meet the diverse education and learning needs of the community.

ProEducation has built strong relationships with students, families and schools in this time, and continues to receive a high rate of referrals for its specialist services that focus on the development of the learner. At ProEducation tutors (international and local trained teachers) have a learner centered approach and develop individual learning plans for all students. Students study in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by multi disciplinary specialists who work alongside students to achieve short and long term goals.

How to enroll your child at ProEducation

Step 1.

Meet with the Director of ProEducation for an initial consultation. In this consultation you will discuss the reason for enrolment and what service will suit your child’s needs

Step 2.

Receive the

Step 3.

Complete the
enrolment forms
and hand them into the

Step 4.

an invoice
for the service

Step 5.

Payment of
student invoice

Step 6.

Date and time
allocated for a
student place
at ProEducation

Please note we may need to place your child on a student waiting list if there are no current available places.

Specialist Private Tutoring

Starter Pack

Specialist Group Tutoring

Drop In Service – Homework Club

Daytime Block 5-12 years

Language Tuition

Careers Guidance Support

Professional Development

Specialist Services at ProEducation

At ProEducation students have access to a range of Specialist Services. The benefit of these service is to make sure that our students receive further support and intervention.

Counseling | Speech and Language Therapy | Occupational Therapy



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